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Issuance Maturity Principal (R$) Balance of Debt (R$) Interest Rate Coupon Amortization Ticker Rating
05/16/2014 05/15/2019 R$ 370 million R$ 249.7 million 108.25% CDI Semiannual
2017/18/19 SULM13
Fitch Ratings (08/21/2017)
05/15/2022 R$ 130 million (+IPCA) R$ 161,4 million  7.41% +IPCA Annual
2020/21/22 SULM23
12/30/2015 12/10/2018 R$ 200 million R$ 178.8 million 111,0% CDI - 2016/17/18 - -
12/13/2016 12/13/2019 R$ 500 million R$ 206.6 million 111.7% CDI Semiannual (Jun/Dec) 2019 SULM14
Fitch Ratings (08/21/2017)
12/13/2021 R$ 294.1 million 114.0% CDI Semiannual (Jun/Dec) 2019/20/21 SULM24

Corporate Credit Risk (rating)

Sul América S.A.
Fitch Ratings 08/21/2017
Foreign Currency Long-Term IDR BB-/Negative
Short-Term IDR B
Local Currency Long-Term IDR BB-/Negative
Short-Term IDR B
National Long-Term Rating AA-(bra)/Negative
Short-Term Rating F1+(bra)


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